2019 Asian VR/AR expo & summit BBS

05-10 /

The 2019 Asian VR/AR expo was held in guangzhou from May 9 to 11,2019.This exhibition has achieved good results and response, and has built a first-class trade exchange and trading platform in the industry, mainly covering Asia with guangzhou.The scale of this exhibition is 20,000 square meters (2 pavilions), which has attracted nearly 150 exhibitors from home and abroad, and nearly 60,000 visitors and 20,000 professional visitors at home and abroad。

During the three-day exhibition, the professional purchasers and the audience for the novel, rich commercial value, have landed feasible nature and industry applications of VR/AR cutting-edge technologies and products, breaking the previous pure entertainment giant leap, introduction of multimedia applications, large space positioning system, film and television creation, holographic display system, AI novel exhibition, the exhibitors, a variety, application of floor plan, diversification of exhibitors record, etc。

Shenzhen hengbeida electronic technology co., LTD., with its flagship VR education solutions, participated in the exhibition.Help VR education, received unanimous praise.