Choose YISITE and let your child win at the starting line

06-24 /

Nowadays, people's living standards are constantly improving, and parents pay more and more attention to their children's education. As an indispensable part of children's growth stage, early education is widely concerned by parents. "to win at the starting line!"It is the idea of most parents now, so all kinds of early education products in the market have been developed constantly, and choosing a good product among so many miscellaneous early education products has become a headache for parents.Here small make up to tell you is "choose yist robot, let your children win at the starting line!”

Choose YISITE robot, let your child win at the starting line!So you might wonder, why did you choose eastbot?Why does YISITE get the trust of its parents?Below let small make up to answer one by one for you.

"Habits determine a child's fate," said sun yunxiao, an expert at the China youth and children research center.The power of habit is huge, once people develop a habit, will not consciously on this track, if it is a good habit, will benefit the whole life, the child is the best time to develop habits, there is a formula: early education to spend a kilogram of energy = later education to spend a ton of energy.Explains the importance of early education.However, YISITE robot can keep children away from mobile phones and develop a good habit of learning.

Over the years, the traditional education mode has helped the development of children's education to some extent. However, under the impact of new technologies, the previous single teaching mode has also presented some disadvantages, making children's learning efficiency low and learning cost high.However, YISITE robot can synchronize teaching materials, have interactive function and can remind children intelligently, and teach them one-on-one, which can greatly improve their learning efficiency, broaden their horizon and create their future. Due to the novel form of intelligent video and audio, it can help children to stimulate their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so as to solve the problems that children encountered in the learning process, such as the lack of phonetic environment, short class time, unable to effectively absorb, and parents have no time to teach.Focus on education, but not only education, in helping children learn and grow,YISITE robot is a good helper。

Music is one of the greatest pleasures of mankind.Participating in music activities in a meaningful (and informative) way will greatly improve the quality of your child's life.And music increases the child's intelligence during learning.Art is part of a good education.Without art, people would be less educated.Children who live without art are inevitably poorer in art.On this basis,YISITE robot can play by voice control and listen to music at any time. Besides, it also has karaoke function, which can explore and cultivate children's music talent and improve their emotional intelligence。

The communication between parents and children is very important, can know more about the child's psychological problems, establish a good parent-child relationship, and the correct guidance of the child, which has great benefits to the child's physical and mental development, parents should carefully observe the child, with the child in spiritual communication.However, most parents are too busy to spend time with their children now. YISITE robot can help you solve this problem. Parents can communicate with their children through the APP, hand over their inner world, and accompany their children to grow up happily.

The YISITE robot can listen and sing, and has a powerful and rich dialogue function. The encyclopedic knowledge is all in my mind. Only the child can't ask, and no yist robot can't answer.At the same time, YISITE robot has rich English translation resources, new concept English, ielts English and so on, so that your child wins at the starting line!

Although seemingly simple, YISITE robot captures the psychological characteristics of children from multiple dimensions, teaching through lively activities and helping children develop good learning habits. Parents can also learn about their children's learning situation and other information through APP. Advanced design concepts in various aspects are all effective.Actually the present profit, robot design proceed from actual needs of the parents and children, is not just to buy used alone to the child, parents also need to participate, to interact with children and focus on the child's learning situation, to help parents and children to solve maximum may be produced in the process of education, learning, to do better to accompany and guide, let your child win on the starting line。